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The definition of revenue is as follows: Income or turnover is what companies make by selling products or services. The English term is “revenues”. Nor is it uncommon to use the word sales in the oral sense instead of turnover.

What might start as an extra income can quickly

This is what many have experienced who have been dealing with stock speculation as a hobby. The basic thing about equities is that in order to make money on equities you have to buy equities that increase in value and sell at a profit greater than what the alternative cost equals. For example, if you get a return of 5% for one year on a stock investment, while the bank interest rate on a similar high savings account is 5.5%, then you have lost money due to the alternative cost.

As mentioned, stocks are a way to earn extra income, and we like to mention it again:
More and more small savers are investing a few percent of their pay in equities or mutual funds, and it can be a golden opportunity to earn good automated income without making significant gains, but it should also be said that there is some risk associated with just equities, currency speculation, etc.

Other opportunities for extra income lie in apartments

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And apartments where there has been a very large market for recent years. Students who are homeless far out in the semester every single fall and here it can be money to collect if you are willing to invest / take out a loan and then buy a house, renovate it and rent it out to other students. Although it costs a lot to invest in this, a good guarantee of passive income has been ensured for many years to come.

Take advantage of your own hobby. There are always good opportunities to earn a good extra income on something you are passionate about. When the hobby itself has intrinsic value in itself, the opportunity to make money is all the greater.

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